How To Turn Millenials Into Future Leaders -

How To Turn Millenials Into Future Leaders

MILLENIALS - The Become Future Leaders

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By 2020, when indonesia has a bonus demography, the role of millenials will be more significant towards companies growth. However, managing multi-generational team pose all kind of issues.

First, millenials are certain attributes that are considered assests but also there are some challenges that need to be resolved. Bringing up with the internet, caused them to always want to learn new things, and strive for achievements and a learning working environment. However, many companies are still caught up with tradisional training methodology where by, its no longer effective. Most millenials are smart individuals whom prefer to be guided in a more indirect way.


We call this process COACHING.

People are now overwhelmed with so much information to the point creates confusion and stress. Companies need NEW ways to develop their people. Ben Abadi Rapid Profit for the past 15 years, believe, people can't be taught, instead, they need to have the willingness to learn, be passionate towards what they do, to achieve whatever tasks are assigned to them.

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Millenials with strong leadership with winning character.

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Lecture, Case Studies

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    Day 1
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    Self Awareness Building Tool
  • Lecture 2

    Questioning Techniques
  • Lecture 3

    Culture by design
  • Lecture 4

    Performance Transformation
  • Lecture 5

    Accountablility tools

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  • : 2003

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  • : Founder and CEO
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