Bekraf Blockchain Forum – Day 2 Workshop – Ethereum -

Bekraf Blockchain Forum – Day 2 Workshop – Ethereum

Training Software Developers To Implement Applications On The Ethereum Blockchain Platform

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    Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan

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    Mawar Room, Balai Kartini Convention Centre Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto No.Kav. 37, RT.6/RW.3, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, 12950

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    31 October 2018 08:30

Course Description

Course Summary



Developer workshops are focused on training software developers to build applications on leading blockchain platforms.



Delivered by Gilang Bhagaskara, CTO Blocksphere


Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It supports a modified version of Nakamoto consensus via transaction-based state transitions. Ether is a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is generated by the Ethereum platform. Ether can be transferred between accounts and used to compensate participant mining nodes for computations performed. Ethereum provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which can execute scripts using an international network of public nodes. "Gas", an internal transaction pricing mechanism, is used to mitigate spam and allocate resources on the network.

Maximum Participant

60 Participants

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Course Core Competencies

Problem Solving, Critical thinking

At the end of this course, participants will be able to…

At the end of this course, participants will be able to code and deploy blockchain dApps using ethereum, develop a website to interact with the dApps, and be ready to participate on a blockchain project.


Who should take this course? Who should not?

Bekraf Blockchain Forum Developer Workshops are designed to attract and benefit software developers, engineers, and IT professionals.

This course requires participants to do hands-on programming tasks. Participants are expected to have a minimum of basic programming and/or software development knowledge.

This course will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia. Participants are expected to have a minimum of working fluency in Bahasa Indonesia to be able to follow through the workshop.

This course is not suitable for business owners, decision makers, and high level executives who do not expect to do technical tasks. For business leaders, please follow this link to join the business leader workshop:

What participants will need to know or do before joining this course?

Participants must supply their own laptop and internet connection (for backup)

The following software will also be required:

- node package manager
- any text editor (vscode, sublime, vim, emacs etc)
- any bash terminal

Course Methods

Course Content

    Day 1
  • Lecture 1

    Blockchain Fundamentals: - Course Introduction - Blockchain 101 - Ethereum 101 - Ethereum use cases in various industries.
  • Lecture 2

    Ethereum Blockchain: - Ethereum Decentralized Apps - Ether, Gas, Ethereum Virtual Machine - Ethereum Network & Blockchain Explorers - Hashing functions, PoW, PoS - Ethereum wallet & Test network - Acc
  • Lecture 3

    Solidity: - Development environment - Truffle & TestRPC - Coding and deploying smart contract to Ethereum - Real use case of smart contract demo
  • Lecture 4

    Group assignment (simple dApps): - Group presentation

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