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    Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat

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    All Seasons Hotel Gajahmada- Jl. Kyai H. Zainul Arifin No.5,7, RT.2/RW.1, Petojo Utara, Gambir, Kota Jakarta Pusat,

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    19 March 2019 09:00

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Discover the HOW of Working Better Together

19 March 2019 (09:00-17:00 WIB)

Attend a Core Strengths: Results through Relationships Workshop to learn how to build a culture of collaborative communication.

Doesn’t it seem like some managers and teams always make “it” happen, no matter what “it” is? They’ve mastered the secret to getting consistent, stellar results despite changing roles, goals, accountabilities, structures, or even new team members. They transform the stumbling blocks of conflict and misunderstanding into opportunities to accelerate their success.

For these high-achievers, building and sustaining collaborative relationships is priority one. They understand that members of their team can go further together than they can alone. The good news is that you too can leverage the power of collaborative communication.


Mentor :

Tan Weixi is a Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA, UK), and Project Management Professional (PMI, USA), who holds other training qualifications such as certified DiSC behavioural consultant and ACTA (WDA, Singapore).

Areas of Expertise

Tan Weixi designs and facilitates programs in the areas of business analysis, project management, critical thinking, team-building, leadership, and communications. Effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, Weixi’s style can best be described as thoughtful spontaneity, in that he uses a range of fun and informal participatory approaches, backed by knowledge and clear intent, to trigger learning and reflection.

Seminar Fee:
IDR 3,500,000 / participant

- Including award winning psychometric strength deployment inventory worth 1.5 million.




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25 Participants

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Course Core Competencies

Decision Making

At the end of this course, participants will be able to…

Attend a Core Strengths: Results through Relationships Workshop

In this up-on-your-feet, learning-by-doing program, you’ll discover how to:

■ Communicate effectively with your teammates and clients so you can achieve mutually beneficial results.

■ Know your strengths and deploy them at the right time for the right reason for greater effectiveness.

■ Increase people's commitment to and responsibility for achieving shared outcomes.

■ Assume a greater sense of ownership for producing results.

■ Collaborate with members of your team to make the best decisions for your organization.


■ Create a Results through Relationship Action Planner for a high-stakes situation you are facing right now.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

HRD Learning and Development, and Country Managers who need to culture a strong relationship between members of the Organization.

What participants will need to know or do before joining this course?

You will personalize your experience by completing the Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI) and before the workshop begins.


Core Strengths® is powered by the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). This scientifically validated assessment reveals why you do what you do—your motives—and your most authentic behaviors—your strengths— when interacting with others. The SDI provides tools for choosing the right strengths to use in high-stakes situations. It also offer insights you and your team need in order to make the right decisions and build strong and collaborative relationships.

SDI Shows What Drives You

The SDI maps three essential motives people have for acting how they do:

■ People — a drive to help and develop others.

■ Performance — a drive to direct action and achieve results.

■ Process — a drive to establish clear and meaningful order.


Everyone expresses these motives differently. The unique way you prioritize People, Performance, and Process places you in one of seven categories in what is called the Motivational Value System (MVS). During the workshop, you’ll identify your MVS, which will help you choose the best course of action (strengths to deploy) to achieve results in good times and in times of conflict. The SDI empowers the awareness you need to make better choices and to use your strengths to improve your interactions with others.

Course Methods

Interactive lessons, Insightful discussions, Compelling videos, Hands-on exercises.

Course Content

    Day 1
  • Lecture 1

    Assess Motives : When Things are going well
  • Lecture 2

    Assess Motives : When There is Conflict
  • Lecture 3

    Bring the Right Strengths : Know your reasons
  • Lecture 4

    Bring the Right Strengths : Prevent Overdoing
  • Lecture 5

    Communicate In The Right Style : Use the Language of SDI

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